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Last day of Summer gifts for you

Today is the last day of Summer, which may be a little sad for you.  I can't do much about the weather or the movement of time, but I can put a smile on your face with some new treats!

First, new fall colors for our Six Packs.  Six beautiful coordinated silk skeins with a free design.  They are $24 each.  I only have one of each combination so run on over to my Etsy shop.

I see your lip starting to curve upwards, but still not there, SO....

From now till Monday 9/23/12, you will get 20% off ANYTHING 
in the Needlepoint section of our shop, as long as supplies last. 
It could be an instruction book or a kit or a cyberclass, 
if it's in the Needlepoint Section you will get that nice 
chunk of discount 20%!
and the coupon code is - endofsummer
(if we are sold out of an item you ordered, we will let you know right away)

On Etsy we have some more Cotton Candy Thread boxes that come with the design Colorations 2012.  These are lots of fun, and beautiful to look at.  Take a look at the shipment that went out yesterday, 22 boxes to their new home...

Have a great weekend!

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