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Ahhhh the Ribbon...

Glorious Ribbons

The Ribbon. A simple strip of fabric taking on it's own identity. We don't really think of it as a strip of fabric anymore-- it has removed itself, redefined itself as something a cut above.

The early value of ribbon to humanity was, actually, to redefine ourselves as something a cut above--a plain, poor garment could be brought up to snuff by a yard of fantastically woven ribbon placed on a sleeve or hem or bodice. This love of adornment escalated through the ages, to it's age of glory in the 17th century--ribbons appeared everywhere--bonnets, frills, rosettes, edging for linens, ruching and gift giving.

Ribbons continued on throughout the ages, coming into fashion in 1813, and throughout the Victorian age. In folkwear, many clans, villages and families created ribbons in colors and patterns that identified them as coming from one place or another.

Polish Folk Wear embellished with ribbons in the owners village colors 

Recently, ribbons have made a huge comeback, something we can start by attributing, most likely, to Martha (!), but also to the increasing numbers of DIY'ers and crafters. The options are endless! Woven, wired, velvet, washable, dry clean only.. you name it!

This brings me to the whole point of this blog, the wonderful website Rennaissance Ribbons.  

I discovered Renaissance Ribbons quite sometime ago and peruse the site on a regular basis. I have ordered beautiful woven ribbons to inspire me and amaze me. The store is an endless selection of the elegant, the sumptuous, the refined and simply, perfection! Some samples from textile artists such as Kaffe Fassett, Sue Spargo, Jennifer Jangles and more,  take a look:

Now go to Renaissance Ribbons and see what treasures you can find. 
Edith Minne, the owner, is a wealth of knowledge and a great help!
Check out their blog as well!

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