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Miniature Newbies.

I go through phases when I feel a need to explore a notion from many angles before I can move on.  I'm loving small these days.  Small and very intricate.   These babies are about 1.5" and being on silk gauze, they have much to tell in the way of details.  They fit perfectly inside these beautiful little frames.  Tiny hinges allow to open the frame and carefully place the needlepoint inside. 

Precious seedlings

Corinthian Earrings
These perfect pals have been embraced by a young generation and that makes me very happy. I can't make them fast enough, they get snatched up by the 20-something crowd.  They give such a pop to the face and are a perfect dangle length.  The kits includes all silk, the finest of findings, (sterling silver and gold filled), pearls and beads.  Congress cloth is included as well for the very small details in the design. 
I have a few kits available before I leave for Minnesota, so if you are interested contact me right away.  These kits are $40 and come in the two colorways you see above, (Gold on the left,  Silver on the right).  I'm not putting them up on the website until I get back from my workshops,  but can send them out to you on Monday before I leave.   Contact me here: orna@ornadesign.com

 What have you been up to?


Renetha Stanziano  – (January 5, 2018 at 8:41 AM)  

Is there a tutorial for these earrings? I would love to try my hand at making some. Also, is there a tutorial for the DOLCI bead?

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