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Camaraderie, a beautiful sentiment...

Mesmerized by the magnificent view from the veranda of the retreat center, I spent 30 minutes every evening winding down and contemplating.  The word that kept coming to mind... Camaraderie.  The dictionary offers: a spirit of familiarity and trust existing between friends.  This past week I witnessed this spirit among newly found friends as well as among old ones. 

We were three teachers: Jean Cambell, the super talented beading artist, editor, and teacher,  Jackie du Plessis, with an eye and a talent for exquisite and functional needlework pieces, and myself.  The three of us were guided, by the members of the guild, through the maze of the retreat, we were invited to join tables for meals, we had class angels who truly were angels.  We also found the time to talk to each other, share stories, and get acquainted.  It was oh so lovely!

And my students? What a remarkable group of ladies.  It was such a pleasure teaching students that were so eager to soak up any information I had to share.  What talents they have!  Such a high level of stitching and many years of experience with a needle, be it a tapestry, sewing, beading, knitting or quilting needle, it all flowed so smoothly.  When I tell you I learned from them enough to feel I had taken a class, I mean it!

Thank you to the women of the Minnesota Needlework Guild.  Thank you to my fellow teachers who by sharing stories and experiences made us a team.

Till we meet again,

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