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I've been playing with metal and came up with this...

I don't know why I do it, but I do!  No matter how many things need to be finished, no matter how little time is left, I can still decide to try my hand at something new and shove things aside to follow an itch.  

My latest?  Metal work with writing and riveting and cutting and joining.  Instead of beginning my packing list and ticking off the chores, this is what I did.  For some time now I've been thinking how neat it would be if we could attach a pretty metal tag to our finished needlepoint pieces that said:

Yours should not say Stitched by Orna, of course!
but what about something along these lines...
Snazzy, right?

Want your own personalized metal tag?  It's coming! Real soon!!

And this little charm will be a centerpiece for one of my designs.  More on that later, as well.

 Nighty Night 

and nighty night from Esther and some friends she met.

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