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"Whatcha been up to?" ... this...

Seminar is practically over and so is my very tightly packed week.  It was a very special week, I met some lovely new friends, reunited with some favorite old ones.  I taught my class, a wonderful experience.  It wasn't your traditional type class, (if you know me you are now saying, "well, duh"), and my students came along this unique path with me, at first terrified and later just sailing beautifully along!  My heart burst with pride, do you hear me Nancy, Beth, Sandy, Barb, Laura and Lynn?  You were phenomenal!

Nancy promised Manhattan skyline when Philly is done.

The city of Philadelphia is coming to life.


Lots of progress from a super stitcher!

Notes on stitch variations

Taking care of some Seminar business
I have so much more to tell, a little each day.  Our loft looks like it had a hurricane sweep thru it, really!!  Don't believe me?  here!!!:

I'll be back very soon - xo

Anonymous –   – (September 3, 2012 at 10:26 AM)  

What a nice surprise! Thanks again, Orna. Class was wonderful.
Lynn, back in southern NJ full-time

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