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Things I collected as a kid...

I loved coins from all over the world. 
My father worked for El-Al, the Israeli airline and would bring home coins from anywhere he traveled.

and then there were the stamps...  The artwork, the names of the countries and their alphabets, arranging in albums, it was all so much fun!  Tearing the envelopes and soaking the stamps until they came off, drying them and placing on their respective pages, I did it all and enjoyed every moment.

Collecting dolls from around the world was the most expensive, and I didn't have a large collection, but studying their costumes and giving them names, how exotic was that?!

This is the Cambodian Barbie that I bought Nina when she was very little.  We seem to have lost the shoes :(

Back to Seminar tomorrow.  What a delightful group of women! We are making great progress.

PoniaDvi  – (August 27, 2012 at 11:37 PM)  

I looked at your coins collegction and I bet that you don't have coins from Lithuania - tiny country on Baltic sea. Would you like me to send some for you? :) If yes, please drop a line to poniadvi@mail.ru

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