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The Best Laid Plans....

I love the term "Cottage Industry".  While I live in a loft in the city, a far cry from a cottage, every time I think of the term,  I see myself in a small cottage in the middle of a wild flower garden, wearing an apron, making jam and humming.   Then I think about the "industry" part of the expression, and that's not me either.  No clunking of machines, spills of grease or end-of-shift whistle blowing around here.  In reality, there is nothing particularly cottage-y about what I do, and not much industry going on in my studio.

With my studio right in the middle of my home, the distractions are endless. There are days where it feels as though I may as well be pushing back the tide. Dogs, and phones, knocks at the door, the washer, the dryer, ergh! The only way to get anything done is to get organized. For the past year we have been married to "The Project Sheet".  Lining our office walls like a march of soldiers, we keep track of each and every project in the works, where it stands and where it's going. A class comes in, it's put on the board. A commission comes in, on the board. Dates and Notes, it keep us on time, and in the loop.

I looked at them today and realized that 2012 is shaping up to be a very busy year!

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