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What is it?!?? Anyone who has followed me for any amount of time knows that I love collections; one beautiful idea, repeated. It can be fabric, or books, or glass, or silken glorious threads---but it has to be beautiful. Rich. Mouth-watering. On Etsy, there are Treasuries, where you put together pictures of people's items in a pleasing way, and then--what? I am not sure, but I knew that I loved it! And then, just recently, I found a place where there are lots of other people who like collections too.

It is called Pinterest.com and it is, simply put, nirvana for the visually sensitive. You build beautiful boards of beautiful things that you find all over the internet---things that are yours, things that are someone else's. Some Pinsters focus on color--Brilliant yellow, Organic Green, or Mermaid Blues guide their boards look and feel. Some Pinsters build on the mundane, some on the exotic. Some take pictures of their lunch, some their breakfast. But the rotation is continual and the inspiration is endless. It's an online picture book for adults! And-- my new addiction! But be careful-- it could become yours too.....

Julie  – (February 18, 2012 at 8:33 AM)  

Pinterest is a cool idea. I was using it regularly until I found out they are in violation of FCC rules regarding disclosure of the use of affiliations to make money. So, not only against the regulations, but dishonest, too. I have stopped using them for this reason. I have posted about this on my blog http://theshopsampler.wordpress.com

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