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From Dream to Reality

It has never been only about the Art for me.  It has always been about the Sharing, whether studying with a fellow artist, or teaching what I know to others.  Bringing people together to teach and learn, is what I always hoped I could facilitate.  My dream is now a reality. 

Adorn Atelier is a virtual studio, where one can learn and create with some of the best artisans in their respective field.  Beautiful, whimsical, magical, splendid, are words to describe the offerings in the classes for Spring 2012.  Whether it be Yael Falk and her wire crochet art, Jennifer Bruce and her lovely knit evening bag, whether it is the fun cross stitch from Jaqueline Gable or the intricate Kirigami from Cynthia Emerlye,  it goes on and on.  Go peek and tell me what you think. 

As for me?  I will be offering two new classes.

Hanging Gardens

Corinthian Earrings
I hope you will be inspired to give one, (or maybe more), of the classes from Adorn Atelier, a try! 

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