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Miraculous Miniatures

The Art of Bonsai is an exercise meditation. The long view. When you see a beautifully shaped bonsai tree, on it's little island of miniature perfection, one rarely thinks about what it took to make that tiny tree look so good. What it takes is years! Bonsai trees, from beginning seedling, to the final realized shape, can take 5-15 years to complete. The trees are more of a pet than a plant, and there is much taming, and guiding it along the way. The ideal is that, proportionally speaking, the realized tree will be identical to a full grown tree, but miniature in scale.

Imagine my astonishment when I came across the amazing work of artist Takanori Aiba.  He has incorporated the art of bonsai with his background in maze design. Yes maze design. Who even knew that was a career choice?

His work is exquisitely detailed and beyond inspiring!

I hope his work brings you a little inspiration too...

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