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As everyone who does needlepoint knows, needlepoint is not a sprint, but more of a marathon. You have to be in it for the long haul, pacing yourself. Designing needlepoint is much the same -- I have to keep the whole race in mind, and that means months of tweaking, pulling threads, rethinking, and living with a piece for a very long time before anyone sees it. This month I have three different designs, two cyberclasses, and a new website dedicated to teacher craft all come across the finish line! It's rare that they all come together at once like this but who am I to argue?

First to show you is the new kit "Contemporary Tartan" available on my website as of today. In three (soon to be four) different colorways, this project explores pattern on pattern and stitch on stitch to create am incredibly dense woven piece of needlepoint! The kit is entirely based on a wide array of Gloriana threads including silks, woolen and a beautiful thin silk ribbon!

The second of my designs to come to fruition this week is called "Hanging Garden" and is part of the new Adorn Atelier Class I am offering in April. This piece measures 11 inches by 8 inches finished, and features endless stitch combinations and variations. An exotic, organic design, the kit features brilliant shades of silks, rayons and cotton overdyes to work with.

For those of you who just can't get enough of my Tiny Designs, I offer the "Corinthian Earring" cyberclass.  In this class you will make three sets of needlepoint earrings, and finish them with varied types of bead weaving, embellishments and bangles. The class kit includes everything needed to create these three different sets of earrings, including earwires, threads, canvas, and filiagree findings in different finishes. If you like to use the things you make, then you will love this class and the endless variations you will discover!

And.......... we are now carrying an entire line of Adorn Thread Palettes. These Palette Collections include 10 full skeins in monochromatic sets, packaged in a double sided window box with a 7 x 3 piece of coordinated canvas. The response for our color coordinated thread packs has become so amazing, that we have decided to make these a permanent fixture from now on!

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