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Contemporary Tartan and Special Gift!

Red Colorway

Most people are quite familiar with the beautiful tartans of Scotland. Tartans begin as just two or three banded colors, but the alternating effect of the colors, combined with the variation of the band sizes creates the appearance of many more shades. So too, my "Contemporary Tartan" has been designed using different combination stitches and 10 silken skeins, which, up close, reveal a more complex canvas than one would expect.

This Design comes in three colorways:

Purple Colorway
Mauve Colorway

With each colorway emphasizing a different aspect of the work, Contemporary Tartan is as much an exploration of color theory as it is a counted stitcher's utopia! Speaking of Utopia....

If you love classic pairings like strawberry and chocolate or cheese and wine-- you will love our Thread and Bead Gift Offer available through this Friday! Buy any Adorn Color Palette  and receive a delightful sampler of color-coordinated beads and embellishments. It's a lovely way to take the guessing out of your color work, and get beautiful materials to create with.

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