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Taking a much needed trip for the SOUL!

One week until the American Craft Councils Flagship Craft Show!  I will be taking a little break from the studio and going off to do what the author Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way refers to as "filling the well".  My two wonderful friends Natalie and Jennifer (who also happens to be an Adorn Atelier teacher--you can see her here) and I are headed down to Baltimore, Maryland where we will immerse ourselves in finely crafted new works by some of the top artisans around.

      Blue Moon Wall Piece

The first booth I am going to hustle to is Karin Noyes. Have you ever played with Polymer Clay? Prepackaged, brilliantly colored bakeable clay--it has all the earmarkings of a summer afternoon making beads with your daughter and her girlfriends. But Karin has taken this medium to a level of "oh!" that I must see in person. 

The other work that I am looking forward to is that of Michael Mode. A wood turner with a twist,  the methods he uses to achieve this work is fascinating. Painstaking. And flawless.


I can hardly wait! It's rare that I have the time to relax with the girls and not have to worry about the next tennis lesson, or pick up, or dog walk, or phone call! The only downside is leaving Nina and Esther for the weekend, but they will get ample amounts of Dad time, and that's good for both of them!

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