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Philadelphia Fiber Biennial

In my year long commitment to informing my followers about the great city of Philadelphia, where the 2012 ANG Seminar will be held, I am lucky to be able to tell you today how committed my town is to shaping the future of FiberArts! Friday marked the opening of Fiber Philadelphia 2012. This is the International Biennial and Regional Festival for Innovative Fiber/Textile Art, evolving from a local gallery's show of textiles in 1998. How I missed this in my own home town, I have no idea! But here it is, and what an amazing event. The most interesting part of this, to me, is a juried show called "Inside/Outside the Box". This show puts together fiber artists from all of the world, and when I tell you that these artists will redefine your ideas of "fiber art" I'm not just whistling dixie!

Pushing the boundaries of materials and process, this show is the academy awards of who's who in fiber art today. Featuring artists like Joetta Maue, Xia Gao, and Erin Endicott, the curators chose to focus on either the refreshing use of traditional fiber materials, or, the polar opposite, traditional forms, but created with innovative techniques and outrageously creative mediums.

More of this show and it's participants can be seen here, and as I check out more of this event I will pass along my thoughts and inspirations. I feel so lucky to have this going on in my neighborhood!

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