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Photographs that make you cry.

I think I've come to the age of in-between.  I'm old enough to see photos of myself as a little girl and remember that many of them were black and white back then. I'm old enough to have a little granddaughter and think about the lessons I want to teach her, the memories I'd like to give her.  I'm young enough to not realize, at first, that the face I see reflecting in the store window is Me.  I'm young enough to still be pleased when my mother says I look nice.  I'm in-between. Maybe that's why this website hit me right in the stomach, right in the heart.  It made me sad,  but a beautiful kind of sad. 

It's called Dear Photograph.  It's a place where people post photographs they took in the exact spot of a photograph taken years and years earlier.  The photograph usually has someone they love, maybe themselves,  in it.  It's held up in the exact same spot and a photograph is taken of the two photographs together.  Then, the present day photographer writes a little note to the photograph, hence:  Dear Photograph.  Confused?  Just surf on over there and get the twinge in your heart that I did.  It's sad, beautifully sad.

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