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Teachers you remember all your life.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have had a teacher, the kind that "Teacher of the Year" is made of, the kind that you will tell your children about, the kind that changed your life.  If you are one of those lucky few, you have been touched by inspiration, dedication and nobility.

Nina, my daughter, is one of the lucky ones.  Her second and third grade teacher, Mr. Shellenberger, is a teacher she will remember all her life.  He gave her class two wonderful years of excitement about learning, a sense of controlled independence and every single child in her class knew he cared about them. 

Last week Nina went back to his class to conduct a science experiment for her fifth grade project.  I sat back and watched as he and Nina discussed the project and as he gave her his guidance.  I watched as Nina talked to his students and as he looked on at her with pride.  As I took these photos I kept thinking, my daughter is one of the blessed, lucky ones and I will be forever grateful. 

Trying not to laugh...

Thank you, Mr. Shellenberger.

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