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The winners are......

"Hanging Garden" Class begins April 21st

It's time to announce our winners of the Hanging Garden Online Needlepoint Giveaway! Everyone was so lovely with all your comments and kindness about my work, it was a treat to read and a fun giveaway to do! So here you are--


                                                           LYNN ABBEY and MEREDITH FENIAK!!!!

Congratulations ladies, and please contact me (orna@ornadesign.com) as soon as you can so I can get you on the roster. If I do not hear from either of these ladies in the next week, I will pick a runner up!

If you didn't win, and find yourself disappointed, why not consider taking the "My City, My Skyline" class here in Philadelphia during the 2012 ANG Seminar! Stretch your ideas of stitching, and make a magnificent three dimensional piece of artwork in this three day course. 

Philadelphia as wall hanging, shadows and light.
The kit is all silk, in rainbow colors. It also includes new materials to work with: artists board and lucite blocks!

Set on a tabletop, in a spot you could never put your needlepoint before!

This seminar will be a fabulous one, I know there will be lots of new events, and new faces as we bring ANG into it's 40th Anniversary year! And stay tuned as we bring you little pearls and insights into Philadelphia. It's more than just "another city"!!

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