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Overwhelmed - so another giveaway!

You have all overwhelmed me, (in a good way!!!), with your response to the giveaway of class participation in "Hanging Gardens".  You have said such amazing things to me, I am not very schmaltzy, but you brought tears to my eyes. 

Well,  I have to do something in return, so how about we make it 2 (TWO) free class participation!  Keep "Liking" Adorn on facebook, I love to see you there and read your kind words, and on Tuesday we will use our handy dandy Random Number Generator to choose two of you lovely people!

On a totally other note, I've been coughing, fever, chest heavy, blah blah blah for a week now!  How ironic to be sick when the weather here is so warm and beautiful!  It's not fair!  Anyone else out there in the same situation?

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