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Between March 25th and April 25th we have a series of birthdays in my family.  Starting with Shiri, then me, Nomi, my nephew and my sister, we all have Spring birthdays.  Every year one of us is closest to Passover.  This changes, as the Jewish Calendar is dependent on the lunar cycle.  Our celebrations always have to do with Passover, with smells of Spring, with strawberries being in season, (children today don't know about seasonal fruit, do they?), and with family trips.

When we lived in Michigan, and Nina was not yet in school, we would visit Israel for Passover.  We would leave and snow was still on the ground, everywhere it was grey and white.  When we returned home the snow was gone and I'd see the little green buds on trees.  It made me happy knowing that the long winter was over and life was coming back to my garden. 

This year Nomi turns one.  We will have a celebration for her at our home.  (Which reminds me, does anyone have a fantastic Passover birthday cake recipe?? )  Nina will be asking the Four Questions which we ask on Passover eve; Why is this night different from all other nights?  It's the youngest Seder participant's duty to ask the questions, soon Nomi will be taking the task over. 

This year my birthday is semi-significant.  OK, let's riddle it...  Both digits are the same and if you add them together they make the smallest double digit number. Got it?  How fast everything moves.  So very fast.

It's time to get back to work.  I'm completing a new series of DOLCI beads and a new idea, delicately stitched silk gauze bracelets.  Hope to show you soon.

One of the new DOLCI Beads

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