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Betsy Beads - another great book

I was first attracted to the teaser, "confessions of a left brain knitter".  Then I saw the colors and by the time I saw the shapes and creativity of the beads, I had my credit card out. The book came and lived up to my expectations. It's very enjoyable, motivating and unique. I highly recommend this for anyone who thinks outside the box.

Betsy Beads by Betsy Hershberg

This Sunday I'll be going to Bead Fest here in the Philadelphia area.  I usually come home with bags of freshwater pearls, crystals, some fine stone beads and some interesting findings.  Should be fun.

Oh, and speaking of fun, just a couple of photos from Nomi's birthday party.  She is turning one.  Happy Birthday Nomi!

Ever tried making a Passover birthday cake that tastes good? Not easy!

Nomi, birthday girl and Shiri, mommy

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