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Creating and Subtracting

Sculpting with fiber can mean many things. It can mean knotted or snarled, knitted and woven. Fibers can form panels that are as tough as wood, or they can be draped and gauzy. The world or fiber sculpture has opened up it's definitions of what can be. And as an accessible, easy to use material, more and more artists are finding innovative ways to play with fiber.

 But how about the act of removing fibers to create art? Sculptor Seung Mo Park does just that: subtract from the whole to create extraordinary figurative portraits. His wonderful method of layering swathes of wire mesh and pulling select strands out, create these ephemeral, 3 dimensional images.

His most recent show, MAYA, just closed at New York's Blank Space Gallery in Chelsea.  These dream-like images begin as photos the artist takes. These are projected onto the mesh, and then the artist uses his best surgeons hands to cut and pull. The effect is ethereal and dream-like, luminous and otherworldly.


For more of Park's works, check out the Blank Space Gallery website.

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