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I am so proud!

I could not be more proud and pleased with the entries for the color competition
Thank you for making the effort and bringing out your creativity for all to see!  What a joy!

Thank you to Heather M. who presented two compositions.  Looking closely at all that she collected and at the way she displayed the items, I'm floored.  And the lit candles, genius!
Heather's entry

The shades of purple are wonderful and complex.  Love the umbrella.  Through the folds of the fabric you see so many shades of purple.
another Heather entry
Jocelyn from New Zealand ...  treated us to a red party.  
Love her spices and how she displayed the ribbons. 
Jocelyn's Reds

Even better is what she had to say: 

Hi Orna
Woohoo - a competition about colour!
"Do you like a certain color and realize it's around you everywhere?" you ask .....   let me think .....   difficult choice ...........
Well no - actually it's pretty easy for me - RED!
The hardest part was deciding what to leave out.  I tried all sorts of combinations, trying to cram as much into the frame as I could, then decided that 'less is more' as they say. 
I thought about trying to position everything on the windowsill, so you could see my red car in the background.
Then I thought about positioning a mirror so you could see my red shirt.
But I thought they might be going a bit far, LOL.
So, here's my entry. My list of RED, featuring:
1. candles
2. a bowl
3. ribbon
4. a dish
5. threads
6, pens
7. beads
8. spice jars
9. santa
10. a cup with my Mother's name on it, made for her when she was born in 1926
all positioned on
11. a towel
Thanks for the fun competition. Now for the not-so-fun bit ...  putting it all away!
So congratulations to Heather and Jocelyn for your great color sense and creativity!  Fiber skeins are on their way to you!

Heather M.  – (May 1, 2012 at 12:12 PM)  

Thank you for your nice comments on my pictures, Orna. I won!!?! I'm so excited! I've wanted some of your threads as soon as I found out about them. Thank you for this challenge. It really made me think and I plan on taking some more pictures of other colours It's one of those times when one is grateful for having lots of stuff. (When it's time to dust, one is not so grateful!) Thanks.

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