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Needle Pointers of May 2012

PS -  I know, PS should come at the end but I wanted to get noticed;-)
I didn't add a photo of the piece I'm raving about because I need to get permission.  Hope to have it sometime today.

I was ready to write to you about what I'm doing this weekend, but I'm going to put that off till tomorrow.  I realized today, when I saw my new Needle Pointers magazine issue, that I don't write enough about other needlepoint designers.  Why did I realize that?  Because the cover of the magazine just grabbed me in the stomach.  I love this piece, I love the colors, the little do-dads at the corners, I love the textures and the beads.  It's flirty and regal all at once.

Jeanne Polzin, thank you for your design Mulberry & Lime

Do you know Jeanne?  Please tell her I'm grateful for her beautiful piece.


PS... these are the colors of her piece...

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