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Come Compete in Color Combinations - Prizes!

Navy Blue

Do you like a certain color and realize it's around you everywhere?  Can you put together a collage of this color, photograph it and send it in?  If you can, you can compete!


Here are the rules:  Take a photo of at least 10 different items from 10 different areas, (jewelry, kitchen items, pottery, clothing, each of these is an area).  Put the items tightly together in an attractive composition, and photograph them.  Make sure your photographs are as close to the color you are representing as possible. 



Send the photo in to us at Adorn, by Saturday, April 21st at 10PM and you will be eligible to win a fun, fun prize!  First place winner - 12 skeins of fiber in your color of choice,  Second place winner - 7 skeins of fiber in your color of choice, Third place winner - 3 skeins of fiber in your color of choice.

If you want some inspiration and ideas, go back through the blog and look at the many color combinations I've done over the years.  Here are a few of them: One  Two  Three  Four  Five
Any type of color combination experiment you can think of, represent it in a photo and send it to us, (orna@ornadesign.com), will get you a place in this fun competition.

On your marks, get set, GO!!

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