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A little Alphabet anyone?

Look Closer......

Alphabet Topography wood typography design

Closer still.....

Alphabet Topography wood typography design

How was this made?

Alphabet Topography wood typography design

What does it mean?

Alphabet Topography wood typography design

Created by Yale grads Casper Lam and YuJune Park at Synoptic Office it is a veritable typographic topography of how we use our letters.  "The physical form of language is a record of collective memory.In this monotype typeface, the height of the letterforms is determined by how often a letter is used. This typeface maps the rhythmic ebb and flow of English.Each letter sits in a 6 x 6 inch square, allowing for any combination of letters to run seamlessly both vertically and horizontally."

It's so amazing, I just want to run my hands over it. Each letter is constructed to fit every other letter, so you can get the topography of any word, just by lining it up!

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