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My suprise, and how I had the best 24 hours ever!

Thursday morning I was told to pack for an overnight.  "Take something nice to wear".  I packed, said good bye to Esther and at 1:00 PM we got into the car, the three of us.  I sat in back and fell asleep.  When I woke up I saw this cute face.

Then I looked up and saw this...

We drove into Manhattan, to a nice hotel near Times Square.  We still had time to take in a quick visit to FAO Schwarz where Nina discovered she was almost too old for most of the toys.  Then we met Shiri at her office building.  She grabbed her little sister and the two of them took the subway to Brooklyn, while Reid and I found our way to the Mexican restaurant, (Toloache), where we had reservations courtesy of Shiri and Orin.  The food was wonderful, (highly recommend the lobster taco or the braised brussel sprouts).  Next was the highlight.  We had tickets waiting for us at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre to see "ONCE".  Because you all are very dear to me, I will pass this on... if you had to choose one Broadway play to see, this should be the one!  Really!!  It was not at all your typical Broadway musical, it was beautiful, heart felt, the music was fantastic, the acting, Oh, I just want to go see it again right away!  It's a must and if I may make predictions, you will hear about it at the next Tony awards.

I will have to disclose the following information, but I promise you it did not influence my feelings about the play; Orin, my son-in-law, is one of the producers of Once. 

The next morning we all drove back to Philadelphia, Shiri, Orin and Nomi, as well.

It was the best, just the very best birthday ever!!  Thank you, my family.  I love you!

So, I apologize for disappearing but as you can see, it was for good reasons.  Tomorrow I'll tell you about our beautiful Passover Seder.  In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Go get tickets to Once and then write me a big ol' Thank You letter!


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