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At the Castle... a wedding tale

Well who gets to get married at a castle??!! I did! It's Genevieve here, officially a Mrs! That part is so weird... however, the wedding was awesome. We had it at Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, PA. Originally the home of the famed eccentric Henry Mercer, it is a fully poured cement castle, entirely encrusted on it's interiors with thousands of tiles from everywhere in the world.

This is the room we held our ceremony in, we did a Quaker ceremony, which is a really beautiful Pennsylvania alternative to the old Justice of the Peace! Basically it's self uniting, so we each sign, our witnesses sign, and then people are free to stand up and tell stories or give blessings, or whatever they are feeling. It's very special and sweet and friendly. 

A Mint Green cake you say? Why yes, it is a Mint Green cake! 

The Bride

The devastatingly handsome Groom and his wonderful Dad

The Bride and Groom could not stop laughing through the ceremony...class act all the way....
We really did it our own way, I made all the bright fringy tablecloths, Sammy made all the vases (he is a great glassblower), I made my own goat cheese for the cheese plate, the food was Potluck, everyone brought something, and we had no photographer--all our photos are trickling in from our friends and family. It was probably a lot more work than it should have been, but as dorky as it sounds, I am presently 100 times more in love than I was for the first 4 years we have been together--and I think that's a great sign!

Thanks Orna for letting me share!

Unknown  – (June 20, 2012 at 3:51 AM)  

It looks like you had a wonderful time at a marvelous setting. I do hop you enjoyed.


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