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Summer Plans

The options for kids and their Summer Entertainment are endless! There are Japanese Culture Camps, and Learning to make a Film Camps, there are Writing Camps, and Bug Camps, Robot Making camps, and Swim Camps. After sorting through all the options with Nina, we came up with three very different camps this summer, one for each month.

The first is almost the most exciting because it includes a week long stay with big sister Shiri in Brooklyn NY! My little girl is heading to the big city, today!!  How many 10, (well, practically 11),  year olds can say that?? In Brooklyn there is an arts day camp and Nina picked--warm a mother's heart-- weaving! Yup, fiber art, following in my footsteps! Check out the Textile Art Center.

Later in the summer there is tennis camp.  Nina has really taken to tennis. I loved when she was a skater, but it's Tennis she really excels at.  I think that she will probably be wowing us with her backhand after all the practice she is going to get in this camp.

The last of the camps is the most traditional. Like the summer camps from the movies: teams, colored t-shirts, lots of volleyball, softball and hiking through the woods!

Now, none of these are sleep over camps, Nina still won't go for that, but I really feel like this summer is going to be a great one for my girl-- new kids, new places, and maybe next year we can start the sleep over stuff. A step at a time!

The camp Nina will be going to!  I want to go there for vacation... 

PS - The amount of paperwork for these camps, forms to fill out, is CRAZY!

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