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The thing about birds.....is this a craze? There are birds everywhere, from the patches on kids clothes to the sheets on our beds. It is such a craze that the recent sketch comedy, "Portlandia", did a skit around the immortal words: "Put a Bird On it!" And Put a Bird on it we do--these winged little fellows are everywhere, you can't spend a day out of the house, or in the house, on the web, and not see a bird somewhere! Actually, here are a few now....

Bird on A Pillow

A Bird round Your Neck

A Rainbow of birds
An embroidered Bird..

Birds of Felt

Tell me you have noticed this too??!! Is it just me?  I did a series of needlepoint birds a few years back, and suddenly the urge to do another round...should I do another set? I feel a flutter in my design hand.....

and my bird.

Unknown  – (June 26, 2012 at 8:59 PM)  

Необычно, но красивая вышивка!

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