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How do you know when...?

How do you know when you are a Jewish mother, not only to your kids but even to your dog?

1. When you are away and your wonderful doggie sitter texts you that doggie has a little bit of an upset stomach, no big deal, which in turn keeps you from sleeping all night!
2. When you wake up in the morning and immediately tell your husband that you didn't sleep all night because doggie, back home, has a little bit of an upset stomach.
3. When you feel your husband hasn't properly been devastated by the news and you accuse him of not loving your doggie enough.
4.  When you can't wait to get home to smother your doggie with "poor baby"isms etc.
5. When the vet tells you that doggie is fine, just a couple of ear drops and you feel the weight of the world just lifted off your shoulders.
6. When you hear yourself say to the vet: "that doggie will send me to an early grave!"

Pam in IL  – (June 18, 2012 at 6:16 PM)  

I think it's just a mother's nature. After all, we are on duty 24/7/365, even when we get some time away.

Glad your doggie is fine.

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