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Summer Solstice Grab Bag Sale

Today is the day, daylight lovers. The summer solstice!

Here in PA it is still bright past 9:00 PM! 
Did you know? Ancient Celts burned an oak Yule Log, (normally associated with the colder months),  and crowned the Oak King. In ancient Gaul, the midsummer feast is called the Feast of Epona, and Germanic and Slavic tribes celebrated with huge bonfires around which they would dance. Old Sweden had a Midsummer Tree that they decorated while the women bathed in the town river.

Here we just enjoy the extra minutes, and comment on how it can't be 6 months now since the shortest day of the year!


Oh, and one more thing we do on this day... give you lots more grab bags!  HERE

$10 a bag, lots of silks and overdyes and no shipping charges!  Quick before it goes dark.

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