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Design Seeds

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Jessica's first Design Seed Post--it kind of matches my blog!

I don't need to tell you about my color obsession, right?  You know how passionate I am about color.  Well, it turns out I'm not the only one!  It seems that Jessica Colaluca is just as obsessed.   Design Seeds is her baby.  She has a very clever site where she breaks down a photo into a palette, much as you have seen me break down a photo into threads. I have been fascinated to see what she comes up with in her daily color cards. She also has a blog where she talks about trending colors and puts together color ideas through photos.

macaron tints

Jessica's impressive in that she has worked as a color forecaster, and colorist, for 17 years. Her blog even has a section where you can see her old journals from when she worked in the color and trim department at Ford! It's so interesting to see her process, and her amazing eye for color.

Very Cool, Jessica!

 Colors that seem so natural in a photo are sometime hard to analyze and flatten out into  a single color. Sometimes a shade up or down tells the story better than a shade right on the money.

Visit her and see what fun you'll have!

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