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Staple City, like you've never seen.

I recently came across a photo that tickled my clever bone. What appears a stunning city scape, an unusually massive city, in fact, is actually---a sea of staples?

I was so fascinated I had to find out who this artist was. After googling "staple city", "city of staples", and "staple city scape" I finally found a thread to the artist Peter Root. The piece was entitled Ephemicropolis, and as it turns out, is not his only cityscape. Look what he does with---er--potatoes?

Born in 1978, this artist has gained some notoriety  in exhibitions at London's Saatchi Gallery, as well as as his "virtual installations" in Google Earth. Take a look at his site to see more of his incredibly detailed work!

Carved Honey and Almond soap

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