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It's in the Stars!

Tonight at 4:30, that little planet of beauty and love, Venus, will use all her feminine wiles to do something she rarely does: upstage the sun! That's right, it's the Venus eclipse tonight, and it only happens twice, one right after the other, every 100 or so years. Venus is a tiny thing, and cannot actually block out the sun, so her eclipse is more of a silhouetted dance across the face of the sun!

If you are planning to watch, be sure you take the proper precautions--never ever look directly at an eclipse, or use any magnification lenses such as binoculars or a telescope. SO how can you see the show? A pin hole camera! This age old (think Leonardo D'Vinci), rather simple science allows you to watch a projection of the event, with the use of a camera obscura. There are directions all over the internet for making them and in my search I came across some creative versions of these fantastic cameras.

Corbis pinhole
This beauty at RetroThing by Corbis Readymech
Well-Read Pinhole Camera
 Book Cameras from Anthropologie
Pinned Image

Recycled paper camera via NotCot
Recycled Paper Pulp Cameras at CameraTalk

A cardboard Collapsable Camera from the 1800's

Are you headed out to see Venus do her dance? If so email pictures to me!

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